About: Vision & Values

Our Vision Is To Become Result Oriented HR Organization Globally

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
    At Radiant integrity is acting honestly in all business practices and in dealing with others. It includes keeping the word, accepts responsibility for mistakes learning from them and avoids the same in future. It involves exhibiting high professional standards and ethical actions.
  • Passion for result
    Is the capacity to be energised by challenging objectives & Goals. We are always focused and ask questions to self “what else can i do” to reach desired outcome.
  • Collaboration
    is the ability to work as a team to achieve common goals through demonstrated capability to create a harmonial working relationship within the team, with our clients and the candidates as well as co-operate with our stake holders at all the time for all our tasks and projects.
  • Accountability
    Includes willingness to go beyond with what is required in a given situation and to overcome obstacles to achieve end result. This creates a sense of ownership & responsibility
  • Mutual respect
    It includes treating people with respect regardless of their position , status and background. We at Radiant respect our clients, candidates and our Team Members.
  • Continuous learning
    learning orientation is a desire & capacity to learn , to integrate and use new learning’s to be more effective at work. Continuous learning involves mastering new skills, to think out of the box & to grow.